Alles' account hub
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This is the account hub for Alles

Env Vars

Configure the environmental variables in a .env file

  • NEXUS_ID: ID of Nexus Client
  • NEXUS_SECRET: Secret for Nexus Client
  • NEXUS_URI: Origin of Nexus Instance
  • ALLESFS_URI: Origin of AllesFS Instance
  • ALLESFS_ID: ID of AllesFS Client
  • ALLESFS_SECRET: Secret for AllesFS Client
  • AVATAR_URI: Origin of Avatar API
  • AVATAR_SECRET: Secret for Avatar API
  • NEXT_PUBLIC_ORIGIN: The origin that this site is hosted on
  • NEXT_PUBLIC_COOKIE_DOMAIN: The domain to set cookies on (only used in production)
  • DISCORD_TOKEN: Token for a discord bot to get account data
  • DISCORD_API: Origin of Alles' Discord Bot API to get connected account id